Types of produced stones in Iran

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Stones are made from minerals that we can find them in different shapes all over the various layers of the glebe. We should analyzing the minerals first to know the stones better. The formation of every stone is different from the others. Sometimes that formation takes a long time and it needs much time to built up the stone.

Sometimes in a special circumstances , we can see a different situation in structure and mineralogy of stones that leads to changing their form them from solid to liquid.

Geologists and experts in lithology must have a strong and subtle perspective and pay attention to the most miner details.

The usage of types of stones in buildings

Stones are used in different ways for buildings construction and decoration. We can use them for exterior views in addition to beautify and protecting the inside of the building , the floor of the building , walls and etc.

In the following ,we’ll survey construction about the types of stones and most useable of them .

Types of stones

Generically, stones are functioned in building, industry, medical, decorating and other fields.

Building stones are classified as different types. Natural and artificial stones are the most common classification. They’re classified based on their weight, softness coefficient, pushing resistance too.

In construction, stones have various usages. For different places we can use different stones. For example: used stones on walls.

The wall stone and the foundation

Internal spaces and external spaces have different wall stones. We have to pay attention to different aspects about wall stones for external spaces exterior wall. Stone resistance against humidity, the cold and the heat, pollution, the Sun radiation and issues like oxidation are the factors that are different for various stones.

The wall with a stone view

Choosing a wrong type of stone in external spaces may cause the color change, rot, dirt and most likely the fracture and the separation of stone from the wall.

In indoor spaces like lobby, hallway, stairway inside of residential houses and recreation and commercial centers using Marble, Travertine and Granite are very common and also suitable.

Types of stones

Marble stone

Marble stoneis a kind of sedimentary rock and mostly think it’s similar to the marble but I have to mention that they’re two kinds of different stones.

One of the popular stones in construction is Marble stone. It’s used mainly in interior view because climate changing can effect this. If you use this stone in exterior view, it could cause fracture , cracking and the change of color and situation.

Marble stone has a mirror-like surface and very high polishing capability.We can divide marble stone into three parts: Chinese , crystal and cloudy. It also is found in white , black and gray.

In comparison to other stones, marble stone is more stable and lighter. It doesn’t absorb water but less resistance unto weathering and acidic rain.

White Marble stone

White Marble stone is very popular because of its purity and being special in color and being unmixed stone marketing.

The degree of whiteness of white Marble stone effects directly on its quality. It means how much this stone is whiter , its quality is higher.Effective factors on quality are high density , polished and shiny surface , high scrubbing capability, pressure resistance and reasonable price.

White Marble stone are used in interior spaces like cobble, interior walls , stairways , decoration around the fireplace and etc. It can calms you and makes your home very eye catching and also the light reflection on this stone is remarkable.

Hersin Marble stone

This stone is very popular between construction rocks. The mostly usage is in the floor of stairway , the floor of building , shell , parking and etc.

The origin of this stone is located at east of Kermanshah ,Hersin village and exported to Italy, Turkey and Persian Gulf basin countries.

One of the unique property of this stone is its stylish and attractive color that makes the environment much more fascinating. High scrubbing capability , having a reflective and shiny surface , high pressure resistance and not fractures are its remarkable features. You also can clean and wash it simply.

Black Marble stone

Black Marble stone is one the most popular rocks too. It has a high diversity. The cause of its natural black color is the existence of Carbonic compounds.

It used in internal spaces because of its appearance. The natural black color makes your environment spectacular.

You can use this stone in bathroom , W.C , lobby , floor of building and etc. And also the combination of this rock with porcelain stone and Crystal Azna stone would be very attractive. Among of all Black Marble stone ,Tiho is the most popular one because it give a luxury look to your space and environment.

Gray marble stone

This stone has a disordered and whitespider-shaped lines in a gray background. The origin of this stone is located at Fars county, Neyriz city.One of the main property of this stone is high compressibility ,scrubbing capability , suitable pressure resistance , low water absorption , suitable porosity , proper abrasion resistance , unique color and design and etc.
This stone has a limited extraction and low supply. Because of high exports and high demand , the supply would be planned and specified.

That could be very beautiful and attractive if you use this stone and darker ones together. Your space would be very eye catching. You can use this stone in the floor and walls of building matching with darker stones.

Chinese stone

Chinese stone is one of derived rocks of marble stone and the slang name of this stone is “ crystal”.

They’re limestone mass and dolomite that internal factors like the heat and temperature has crystalized them and generally have large crystals.

Because of nominal similarity sometimes you might make a mistake that these stones are imported from China the country but it’s not true. These rocks are extracted from Iran’s mines. The famous samples are Aligoodarz Chinese stone ,Azna Chinese stone and Neyriz Chinese stone.

Using Chinese stone in view and external spaces is totally reasonable.

Most recently , Chinese stone and crystal stone are cut and processed as a slab and can make interior spaces into attractive and luxury ones.

Azna Chinese stone

Azna Chinese stone is one of famous Persian crystal stones (Chinese). This stone is known as the lord stone.

The appearance of this stone is like gray and black disordered lines in a white background.

Because this stone is like crystal and its high scrubbing capability, the light’s reflection is very pretty. High gloss and transparency is two main feature of Azna Chinese stone. It usually is cut as slabs and the bookmatch and formatch patterns are stunning and designers use these patterns in the floor of luxurious buildings and saloons.

In comparison to other stones , it’s in an appropriate price and quality.

Neyriz Chinese stone

Neyriz Chinese stone is used for a long time because of its proper price and light color. Nowadays its light color is a problem because people want darker rocks and we can’t use it much on building and space’s views.

Before, Neyriz Chinese stone were used for floor and view. According to type of processing , this rock has so many different usages. Best feature of it is its adhesion strength and proper resistance. Likewise Azna Chinese stone , this rock is cut as slabs too and the bookmatch and formatch patterns are used on walls and floors.

Aligoodarz Chinese stone

The origin of this stone is located at Aligoodarz , one of Lorestan city’s counties. This stone has a white background with black and gray lines. Likewise of other crystal stones , this rock has a high scrubbing capability and you can see light’s reflection through it properly. It’s cut as slabs and is processed as bookmatch and formatch patterns. You can see this stone on building’s view and I have to say, specific itemsmust be observed during installation.

Another places that you can use this rock: paving hallways and reception, paving the kitchen, lobby and stairs and etc.

You can find Aligoodarz Chinese stone with different prices. One the effective factors on it, is its color.

Pietra gray stone

Pietra gray stone is descent of black and stunning marble stone and one of famous Persian rocks. Pietra gray stone is one of the bestsellers marble stones. It changes to a gray stone with white streak after processing.

This rock is one of the worldwide popular stones and is very similar to Italian pietra gray.

The origin of this pretty stone is located at Iran and we export it to other countries. But China , Italy and Turkey produce this stone too.

We can see different usages of this stone like: lobby’s floor, cafes, cinemas and W.C’s floor. If it’s processed as slabs or tiles, it also can be used as interior walls, landscaping and exterior views. Being unmixed, thickness, dimensions and the technology quality are the most effective factors on this stone’s price.

For example, as much as this rock is unmixed and has less impurity, the price would be higher, or more thickness would’ve rise the price. As much as having larger dimension, you could choose a high price for it. I’ve got to say that, this is common thing for any building rocks and that’s because of the cutting methods and up-to-date processing ways and modern facilities. If a stone is chipped, I can assure you the price would be very cheap. Those stones that are colored in comparison to non-colored ones are more expensive and more accurate sorting equals higher quality and we can sell it with the higher price.

The literal origin of this stone is located at the north of Isfahan city.

The main problem of this rock is the burnt parts of it because after whiles, it’ll be empty.

Badbar stone

In stone industries there’s a definition of Badbar stone: when you’re extracting this rock, it’ll transform to a cube after striking with a hammer. At workshops they shape this rock to cubes (square or rectangle) too.

Badbar stone’s other names: Madoon stone, Lasheh stone, Ghavare stone and plaque stone.

This stone’s used for walls and also covers vertical and horizontal gaps.

The variety of Badbar stones causes high selling of some of its patterns and makes them very popular. Its patterns are various up-to-date and are used in building’s exterior views and landscaping. It’s also used in mountain environments for making gates, arch, stone corridor and bridge and the reason is Badbar stone is firm and has high resistance.

Other usages of this rock: tabulation, bearing walls, non-load-bearing walls and tunneling.

The origin of this rock is located at Najaf abad and Joshaghan but there’s 17 mines in Iran which we can extract it.

There’s some of the various types of Badbar stone:

  • JoshaghanBadbar stone with lemon color streak
  • JoshaghanBadbar stone with red color streak
  • Black and white Badbar stone
  • Mountain-like Badbar stone
  • Najaf abad black Badbar stone
  • Tree-like Badbar stone
  • Red and yellow Badbar stone
  • PolychromeBadbar stone

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