The importance of waterjet cut in stone cutting industry and stone facade

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The importance of marble stone, travertine, and stonefacades in general in the embellishment of house interior and exterior design is evident to everyone. Obliviously, the presence of beautiful and delicate patterns on these stones duplicated their elegance, which would be hard to do using traditional methods. Waterjet cutting is a modern stone cutting method. It is an ideal solution for those who need speed, quality, and design details in their projects. However, what is this method, and how is it used? In the following, some of the main features and advantages of waterjet cutting are explained.

What is the waterjet cutting method?

Waterjet cutting is a process in which objects are cut using water pressure. The method enables cutting a variety of objects in different forms with utmost accuracy and quality. This is a cold method without creating any heat; considering the kinetic energy it creates, it could cut any material no matter the thickness. Using waterjet services in the marble stone industry is accompanied by high productivity and saving.

How does waterjet exactly work?

The primary substance essential for this method is water. In this method, water is filtered and compressed through a high-pressure pump and then guided through waterjet cutting pipes. A nozzle low in diameter collects the water to turn its high pressure into speed. Water ultrasonic rays cut different materials. This method is called waterjet cutting.

In general, there are two types of waterjet cutting; pure and abrasive. The difference between the two methods is that in the pure method, only the water current is used to cut soft material such as foam or paper. While, in the abrasive method, a granular abrasive is used in addition to the water current. This granular abrasive accelerates the power of the cutting current and facilitates the cutting of hard material such as metal or ceramic.

For what stones could the waterjet cutting method be used?

The waterjet cutting technique could be used for many materials. The hardest material, such as marble stone, granite, travertine, slate, limestone, and any other natural stone, could be cut using the waterjet cutting method. Furthermore, it can be used in thin layers for floors, tabletops, wall coverings, or other particular uses.

This method is also applicable where delicacy is important, such as artistic structures that use marble stone, metal, glass, or porcelain.

Compared with the traditional methods, the waterjet cutting method significantly decreases the needed process time of materials, not to mention that it is much more accurate. The cutting accuracy in this method is almost 0 (the accuracy is different between devices). The waterjet cutting method is very flexible and is used globally in many industries for complex designs and architectures that need high-quality standards.

Five advantages of waterjet cutting method.

۱٫ Without material boundaries

The waterjet cutting method is versatile. Almost every material could be cut using this method: composites, plastics, metals, glass, stone, ceramics, and rubber. By adding a granular abrasive, a waterjet cutter could cut up to a quality of about 200 mm.

۲٫ Absence of heat-affected zone (HAZ)

The main advantage of a waterjet cutter is that there is no heat affected zone (HAZ) and the resultant burned area due to a cold cutting method. Not only does this method enable sharp cuts, but also by eliminating the dangers of burning, significantly increases the operator’s safety.

۳٫ No harms to the material

By using a cold cutting method, materials sensitive to heat could be protected against heat. This is particularly important for materials such as metal and leads to an appropriate cut without disturbing the material. Therefore, it will cause a sharp and free of perforation cut.

۴٫ Decreasing the processing time without additional procedures

The high-quality cutting method guarantees its accurate result and inhibits further additional procedures. Therefore, the cutting process is significantly accelerated and leads to time-saving. It also increases the overall proficiency.

۵٫ Without hazardous wastes

Nowadays, the importance of environmentally-friendly processes in the industries is more evident than ever. A considerable advantage of the waterjet cutting method is that, unlike other cutting technologies, it does not produce hazardous wastes in the form of steam and gas.

Using waterjet cutting in the marble stone industry

As mentioned, using waterjet cutting technology is a method with considerable advantages. Particularly, in the travertine stone cutting industry, which needs high delicacy and precision, the use of this method is growing thanks to its excellent benefits. These benefits include:

It cuts any type of travertine with any thickness with flexibility.The waterjet cutting method is the only method that allows cutting hard materials, especially those with considerable thickness. This way, it offers unbelievable flexibility for any type of marble stone with any thickness.

It maintains the surface and edges of the marble stone soft and smooth. The quality appearance of the stone is the main reason for choosing the waterjet cutting by the architectures and designers. This unique method does not produce heat and pressure on the stone surface, and therefore, it protects the material surface. The stone surface remains smooth, in so far as it would need minimal process. Therefore, it will lead to a considerable saving in time and cost.

It maintains stone durability. Given that this method is a cold one, it would not lead to cracks or pressure on the stone and the probable harm. In return, it helps to maintain its durability.

It does not contaminate the environment. The environment is not polluted with toxic components because water and the used granular abrasives are safe and naturally disposed. Nevertheless, using the waterjet cutting method, dust or particles potentially dangerous when breathed are not spread through the environment. Also, water could be reused.

The amount of water needed depends on the size and duration of the project. Still, by reusing water, water spraying engines keep water use at a very minimal level.

It saves essential primary substances. The stone cutting is processed with high precision; therefore, it helps to decrease the fiber and prevents wasting the particular components and every material used in the process. This way, a considerable amount of the primary substance and the financial resources are saved.

It saves a considerable amount of time. Curves, direct lines, cuts, interior holes, and other designs that need time and specialized knowledge are now cut with high speed and precision.

This way, waterjet cut saves a considerable amount of primary substance, time, further processing, and expenses. At the same time, by reusing water,it leads to less use of energy and resources. Therefore, the waterjet cutting methods have numerous advantages compared with other traditional methods.

Nowadays, waterjet cutting services are somewhat spread among stonework factories. As one of the leading producers among Tehran and Isfahan’s stonework factories, our company has guaranteed quality stone cutting regarding particular stones, such as marble stone and travertine, without any harm by the use of this method.

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