The building stones types and their applications

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The building stones, according to their types and genesis, use for construction, wall decoration, building facade, and floor. Today, applying building stone for interior and exterior design and decoration of homes and workplaces creates a specific beauty and attraction, which has led to the increasing use of them. Building stones such as travertine, marble, and granite have a fundamental role in the design of various parts of a building from ancient times to the present. For this purpose, various catalogs of different stones have been printed by stone manufacturing companies so that everyone can choose the stone they want according to their taste and type of application. Of course, knowing the type of building stones and familiarity with the characteristics of each can help you to make a suitable and smart choice. For this reason, we suggest you read the following points before you make a purchase. In the current section, we will introduce various types of building stones and describe their applications from building facades to the floor, accompanied by some photographs.

Building stones have many applications in the design and decoration of divers’ parts of residential and office places. Building stones according to their types and shape have a usage in the interior design of a house. Today, interior designers and architects create modern decoration with stones utilize creative and new methods.

Considering the development of the interior and exterior design and decoration, a combination of stone with other construction materials gives a stunning view of the building. For this reason, familiarity with such stones and their combination with other construction materials can be highly significant in actualizing your ideas about implementing stones in the building you want.

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Using granite for kitchen and bathroom

As you already knew, granite is an igneous rock with diverse colors such as red, black, green, blue, and brown. Granite is one of the most popular stones used in construction. It is due to the frequent use of this rock from ancient times to the present, especially in the kitchen. The diversity in colors, special patterns alongside the high durability of this rock has made it widely used.

This type of building stone is highly resistant to water and impact and is commonly used with steel, wood, and glass. Because of these properties, it is mostly using as a counter in the kitchen and sink, washbasin, and floor in the bathroom. Additionally, granites are using in stairs due to their abrasion resistance. Undoubtedly, its fair price compares with other types of building stone makes it a common choice.

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Using travertine for building facades

This building stone is a sedimentary rock. Its white, gray, and cream colors give a fantastic effect to the interior and exterior decoration of a building. Using in building facade of the modern constructions is the most prominent usage of this stone. The porous texture along with the diverse colors caused its attraction to use in the building facades.

This stone is widely used for volumetric facades such as Roman facades due to its luminosity, high cut-ability, and good polishing properties. It is good to know that this stone has a high resistance to heat and cold. They also use on the floor to prevent slipping. It is noteworthy, that travertine is cheaper than granite; therefore this characteristic along with other positive qualities of the rock make it more popular.

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Using quartzite in the walls and building facades

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock produced from the sandstone under the pressure. This rock is rigid and rough, and there are gray, red, and brown crystals on its surface. It has the same appearance as marble, though it is more stable and cheaper in comparison with other types of building stone.

This stone, regarding its stability against weathering, is mostly applying for the walls, floor, building facades, as well as wall repairing. Of course, it should be mentioned, that this stone has also been using in the kitchen and bathroom.

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Using marble in the interior design

Marble is a metamorphic rock produced from limestone under pressure and high temperature. This rock has beautiful and diverse veins. Various colors such as green, purple, yellow, red, white, and gray make this stone preferable to the others. Also, the smooth and mirror surface of this rock and its high polishing capability alongside its magical and glamorous colors improved its application for the interior design, pillars, stairs, floor, and other interior parts of the building. It is also used in the kitchen because of its clean and bright surface. The price of marble is indeed higher than other stones, but it is widely used to beautify luxury buildingsdue to its unique properties.

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Applyingmarmarite for the floor and staircases

Many people confused marmarite with marble. Marmarite is a kind of carbonate sedimentary rocks. These are divided into three groups of cloudy, crystal, and porcelain. There are bright and dark non-parallel and disperse veins on the cloudy marmarite. Crystal marmarite includes coarse and crystalline texture. The texture of the porcelain marmarite is fine and crystalline, and divided into three groupsby itself, including gray porcelain, white porcelain, and crystal porcelain.

Though these rocks are lighter than others, they are more stable. They are water-resistant and do not absorb water, while they are less resistant to weathering and acidic rains. This quality made them the right choice for floors and staircases.

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Using sandstone for patio, floor, and wall

This rock is commonly made by the sand precipitation in the river floor. This is a siliciclastic sedimentary rock. It has various colors like gray, white, brown, red, yellow, and reddish-brown.

The main criteria of adaptability of this rock became it one of the widely used stone for indoor and outdoor. This stone mainly uses in the patio, pool, balcony, wall, roof, and floor.

Using antique rock for interior design

This stone, as its name suggests, has muchapplication as a decorative stone. This type of stone has made by theaggregates of travertine rock fragments combined by the adhesive material. Designers and architects produce this rock by adding the adhesive material to the rock fragments and use it to decorating interior spaces. This rock is chiefly used in landscaping, interior decoration of villa, around the fireplace, etc. This is resistance to environmental changes, pressure, scratching, humidity, abrasion, frosting, and fire.

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Using natural slab stones in floor and wall

This type of stone is made ofacombination of minerals.It is used for the interior design and kitchendue to the lack of harmful impurities. Various colors of it provide architects with many choices. The main use of this stone is for the floor and walls.

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The last word

It is worth mentioning that there are other stones in addition to the introduced ones, which are used mostly for interior design. You can get more information from reputable stone shops and make your choice more precisely. Now, according to the familiarity with the types of stones and their various applications, you can select the desired stone from the company catalog if you need to choose color and pattern.

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