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Stones are usually used for decoration of the outside and inside of buildings. In the following article we will discuss stone types and our stone sale prices.

Building stone sale

The first stone we will discuss is khoy’s marble. This stone has bright creamy and Nescafé colors and veiny network shapes that are reminiscent of a heartbeat. This stone creates a charismatic and warm environment and is suitable for busy passages. Because of the smooth and even surface of this stone it is easy to clean and maintain but it should never be washed with highly acidic detergentsor liquids as this type of treatment may cause it to lose its color and looks which will cause the floor stone to drop its economic value. This stone comes from western Azerbaijan county and the brighter it is with less of the veiny network stated, the higher the quality will be. Such premium Khoy marbles will have a higher stone sale price. Khoy marbles are currently priced at 350,000 Tomans per square meter.


Different building stone types available

The next stones are Chinese stones which are metamorphic stones. The most famous stone in this category is Azna white marbles also known as Arbab stones which were invented and industrialized by the late Mr Qanbar Rahimi. As stated, this marble is filled with many large granules and is a poor heat conductor. The heat conduction properties of this stone helps keep buildings cooler during summer. These stones are not imported from China, but are rather extracted from mines in Iran. Chinese stone prices became more economic after 2009, stone selling and buying ramped up and Builders and architects started using Chinese stones more and more. The cons of Chinese stones are, they are limited in terms of color choices, as soon as they have contact with air their color, freshness and quality are lowered.

Buliding stones and Their prices

From this point on we will discuss building stones and stone sale prices.

MoellonGandomak marble

MoellonGandomak stones are tiles with a 6cm thickness. These stones can be rectangular or square. This stone is very useful for exteriors and cladding of residential and commercial buildings and tunnels this stone is a good choice for buying building stones. Since this stone has an uneven surface and is highly resistant it is used in parkings and ramps. The mechanical stiffness of this stone makes it a very popular stone. the stone sale price of GandomakMoellon marble is 145,000 toman in the market.

Natural stone


The next stone class are sandstones. This stone is formed from precipitation of sand in rivers, seasand streams. This stone comes in white, gray, mixtures of red, brown and yellow, it is used in floors, ceilings, swimming pools and balconies. These attributes have increased the stone sale rates of sandstones.

Building facade cladding

Slab stones

The third stone type we will discuss are slab stones or natural stones. Its unique property is its natural mineral content that makes it safe for people to be around. Therefore, these stones are used for the heart of the house i.e., kitchens. In the case of a fire this stone will not release dangerous chemicals. Slab stones come in many colors and shapes and their stone sales are usually for internal design and floors.

Natural slab stones

Sperlous stone

Sperlous stones are often grey with a network of spider web-like shapes. These shapes have helped increase the stone sale of sperlous stone.Sperlous stone is used for internal floors and walls and have low waterabsorption. This stone has a low price but with increase of its dimensions its price goes up. Although its name suggests a European origin Sperlous comes from Sirjan city. Its uses are, bathroom walls, floors of malls and commercial buildings but sperlous will also make a great slab or facade as it is visually pleasing to use in your home or workplace.


This is another popular stone also known as Khara stone. Stone sale rates of granite is high because granite is easy to maintain and has a consumer friendly price. Granite is a magmatic rock and has immense color variety, chocolate, black, brown, red, green, blue and pink. These colors are fitting for almost all tastes and environments. Granites are mechanically stiff, strong, smooth and resistant to water. These stones are heavy and therefore, appropriate for stairs. A standalone quality in granites is that they can be used with steel, glass and wood. Hence these stones are commonly used in kitchen sinks and counters. A weak point for granite is that its iron content will rust when in contact with water.

Marble stones

The sixth and well-known stone is marbles. These stones form from various processes across the years. Marbles are used commonly for building statues. In terms of stone sale, marbles are unique and expensive and no two marbles will ever look alike. Marbles are limes that are treated with heat and pressure. This stone is found as uniform and interspersed with networks of lime stone impurities of different colors. Herat has on of the biggest working granite mines. Marble colors are gray, green, purple, yellow, white, red. Marbles are incredibly beautiful, smooth and shiny. Marbles are not allergenic, do not attract dust and are therefore, easily cleaned with a moist cloth. These stones are appropriate for Harams, other religious sites, stairs, floors, internal design and building exteriors.

Marble stones

Wall cladding stones

Cladding stones are the next topic of this article which are colloquially known as antique stones in Iran. These stones are formed from putting together Travertine stone parts. When travertine stones break in nature or during extraction, they become the starting material for architects to design house facades, fire places, villas and gardens. The porous nature of these stones makes them great at sticking to walls. Antique stones are also softer, flexible and resistant to climatic erosion. The stone sale price of antique stones depends on the aforementioned properties.

Tuff stones

The eighth stone is Tuff. Tuffs are made from Vulcanic ash which has impacted their stone sales tremendously. When in contact with air, tuff quickly becomes flaky.This stone gives the building facade an exotic look.

Rubble stone

These stones do not have a characteristic shape and category and are raw extracted stones and are used in buildings as so. Rubble stones are mainly used in flooring and founding and seldom in facades which will give a special look. Only people with specific tastes like their look.

Principles of choosing premium stones

In the following we will go over useful principal concepts in choosing, buying and stone sale.

It is important to keep in mind that different locations, environments etc. will require a different stone type. Chemical and physical properties of stones should always be considered. Climates should also be considered e.g., in colder climates, stone salles revolve around stones resistant to frost damage. Frost damage resistance in stones is increased tensile strength for resistance to water’s increased volume during freezing. A stone that will be used in a building’s facade should uphold against heavy rain, snow, sun irradiance, humidity and other general strengths e.g., granites are resistant to acidic solutions, soapstones are extremely resistant to heat, lime stones are resistant to alkali solutions. Stones that will be used in floorings of passages should be resistant to erosion and because the first thing seen in a building is its facade being meticulous about its selection is advised.

Creamy colored marble

In regards to prices the bigger the dimensions, value, demand, processing and exportability of a stone the higher the price will be which will affect the stone sale amounts. Processing with slab sawing increases and block cutting lowers prices.

In luxurious buildings the flooring must be premium stone like Dehbid stone, a premium marble that can compete with stones from abroad Iran. All of the mentioned parameters can affect stone sale prices, but in conclusion it is always best to consult a professional on stone sales, selection and buying.

Internet based stone sale

With the growth of technology and the internet of things along with the covid-19 pandemic many businesses have gone online. In regards of stone sales especially decorative marble stones many websites have been created. You can view available stones in an Instagram profile to find the stone suitable for you and order it and receive it in the smallest time frame possible.

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