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Standard of decorative and construction stones

According to the American Society for Testing and Materials, a construction stone is a naturally processed rock available in different sizes. Construction stones are processed in one or multiple stages, and sometimes not processed at all. They are used as building facades, pavements, curbing, and historical monuments & structures. Put the matter another way, a
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Classification of building stone

Building stone can be divided according to the following characteristics: According to weight Building stone can be divided into two classes of light and heavy. If the stone is heavier than 1.8gr/cm3 then it is in heavy class, and if it is lighter, then it is in light class. According to the pressure resistance In
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Various stones application

There are many known features of stones for construction applications; including high strength, superior durability, perfect polishability, high impact and abrasion resistance, cutting and polishing ability, Color stability, washability, moisture resistance, thermal resistance, proper tensile and flexural stability, impervious aspect, high compressive stability, resistant to the constant weather change, and to the basic and acidic
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Technical features of the construction stones based on their applications and introducing the selling branches

  Principles of choosing the perfect construction stone The stone texture: should be completely flawless, meaning, without any cracks and fractures. Moreover, it cannot be crumbly, porous, and corroded. It matters how homogeneous and uniform the texture is. The water absorption: a natural construction stone should not absorb an excessive amount of water, meaning, it
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How to detect defective stones

Introduction Stones have applications in different fields. They have many applications in medicine, industry, decoration, construction, etc. Many of the rocks are similar to each other regarding their appearance, so only people who have the knowledge and are experts in this field can distinguish the types, genesis, quality, and degree of originality of the rocks.
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Facade and Different Stones for Buildings

Facade In the field of construction,facade is considered one of the most important aspects. Designing thefacade of a building depends on different factors, e.g., its application. Not only thefacadewill make your building look magnificent and beautiful, but also will protect the interior parts of the building.
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Types of produced stones in Iran

Introduction Stones are made from minerals that we can find them in different shapes all over the various layers of the glebe. We should analyzing the minerals first to know the stones better. The formation of every stone is different from the others. Sometimes that formation takes a long time and it needs much time
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The importance of waterjet cut in stone cutting industry and stone facade

The importance of marble stone, travertine, and stonefacades in general in the embellishment of house interior and exterior design is evident to everyone. Obliviously, the presence of beautiful and delicate patterns on these stones duplicated their elegance, which would be hard to do using traditional methods. Waterjet cutting is a modern stone cutting method. It
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Natural stone facade From extraction to the application for construction

Stone has long been one of the main materials in buildings. Today, building stones are categorized into artificial and natural. Nevertheless, a stone facade is usually a thin stone that is usually extracted from open-pit mines and in the form of blocks. The block needs to be processed in different steps to be converted into
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Proper devices for different types of stone cutting

Stones are one of the most practical materials in construction and building decoration. The first step is choosing the proper type of stone which different factors such as type of usage, climate, cost and others should be considered. After choosing and buying, the stone must be cut. There are several devices in the market for
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The Suitable Stones for Building Floors

From the past to the present, stones have played roles in the multifold toughening of different buildings besides adding to their beauty, color stability, resistance to climatic, heat, and humidity variations, and sustainability against acidic and alkaline materials in diverse personal, official, commercial, etc. constructions.
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Stones for building facades

Various materials can be used in the facade of the building, including: different metals, stones, bricks, composite polymers, concrete, wood, etc. Accordingly, depending on the type of materials used, the types of building facades can be named as follows: composite facade, cement facade, stone facade, glass facade, wooden facade, ceramic facade, etc. Each of these
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Learn more about different stone cutting procedures

Stones Stones are materials that can be found in different spots on the planet in different forms and patterns. Stones are manufactured in nature and found by humans. Humans study, examine, process, and consume them according to their desires and needs. Humans needed stone from the very beginning;for primary uses such as food and cooking
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An Introduction into the Stone Market

Introduction Stones havea variety of applications in construction. They are used in the design of the entire façade, floor, walls, and other building spaces. You can choose the suitable stone based on the place and its application. A number of stone types that are used for construction are as follows: Marble Travertine Granite Tere-stone Crystal
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Different methods of extracting building stones

Stonecutter Stone is one of the most widely used materials for creating building facades and interior house design. The stones must first be cut before using them in the facade and building interior design. There are numerous tools to cut stones. Most of these tools require high energy and experience for an ideal cut. However,
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Stone-Cutting Techniques

brief history of stone industry Mining of rock and metals has been done since prehistoric times. The use of stone was superior to metals and other materials. Many of the long-lasting, ancient homes, shelters, temples, monuments, artifacts, fortifications, roads, bridges, and entire cities were built of stone. Stone industry is one of the oldest industries in the
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Stone types and varieties

Stones are usually used for decoration of the outside and inside of buildings. In the following article we will discuss stone types and our stone sale prices. Building stone sale The first stone we will discuss is khoy’s marble. This stone has bright creamy and Nescafé colors and veiny network shapes that are reminiscent of
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The building stones types and their applications

The building stones, according to their types and genesis, use for construction, wall decoration, building facade, and floor. Today, applying building stone for interior and exterior design and decoration of homes and workplaces creates a specific beauty and attraction, which has led to the increasing use of them. Building stones such as travertine, marble, and
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The types, cost, and tricks of building stonework

Building facade After the construction of a building, the section that is visible to the public is the facade. The facade is a covering for the building that not only protects it from various environmental factors but also provides it with unique beauty. The facade of a building is one of the most important steps