About us

About us
Mission and visions

Petraonyx is not just a simple producing factory, all members are highly motivated to provide the best services.

The experience, knowledge and expertise of members of this family in various sectors of production, management, sales and awareness of managers of this family from Iranian stones has caused them to simply realize the most valuable goals.

Petraonyx factory located in Isfahan, Dolatabad industrial town with an area of 12000 sq m and production hall of 7,000 sq m and 300 sq m of office infrastructure and 5,000 sq m of loading area and block warehouse and an elegant slab show room in 2019 started to working.

this factory with a new approach in order to sell decorative building stones such as marble, limestone, onyx and etc., in variety of colors like white, grayand black and using the expertise and experience of the partners and with the management of Mr. Sanaei launched.