Our main assets are our valuable customers

Like a family, Petraonyx is more than just a factory

it is a place to be great. The motivation of being great is evident among all members of the Petraonyx family and we all strive to achieve our worthwhile goals.

Valuable customer, endless asset

The Trust and support of our valuable customers means that we have done our job properly. Valuable customers are the assets of a business and we stand by their valuable support and accompany.

White to black spectrum in slab frame

White to black spectrum Petraonyx offers a variety of natural stones such as marble, porcelain and limestone From white to gray or black, in variety of patterns wavy or pure, all of these as slabs. In addition to providing building stones,Petraonyx provides a service where customers can even cut and process their own blocks in this factory.

Marble Stones

Petraonyx factory is Manufacturer of marble, limestone and porcelain stones in white, gray and black colors and in slab size and book-matched and Quad-matched formats

Cut to size services

Petraonyx factory products are all in slab size. But at the customer's request, the slabs will be cut and presented in the required sizes based on client's requirements

Ton-cutting services

Petraonyx factory is ready to provide ton-cutting services with the utmost accuracy and with the best quality for export trades.

Beyond imagination

Find the closest ideas that can be implemented to your imagination here.